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August generally isn’t a month for major industriousness and this (Northern Hemisphere) summer particularly, we seem to have run out of gas; nothing seems to be moving forward, even though there might be plenty going on.  It isn’t just Mercury who is messing up our plans by being retrograde, but Mars who gives us our drive and certainty is also in retrograde.  Added to this slow down, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as minor planet Chiron, are also, all in retrograde motion for major hygge time.  That’s seven heavenly bodies going underground this August, whilst we also negotiate a Leonine heart opening, Solar Eclipse.  The cosmos wants us in hibernation mode during eclipse season, so let’s see how we might make the most of this celestial conundrum.

Open Up To Heart Wisdom

We begin August with a little tension in the skies, not because we have just had two eclipses but a T-square has formed above us and this aspect represents a conundrum that needs to be solved.  Or rather it poses the question but not the answer.  This set up involves the Moon highlighting Juno, the asteroid marriage broker’s position in Taurus, so some of us have to face the physical reality of what is really going on in our relationships.  Maybe, probably, one important relationship, but potentially highlighting a pattern that you create in relationships in general.  Juno and the Moon are looking straight at Jupiter in Scorpio who had us all digging deep into our shadow aspect in the last few months and now, what we have found lurking deep in our psyche, is what we have to work around or with.  Now we can see our part in building the repetitive pattern of relationships, draining or destructive, whatever it is - and dependent on where this sits in your chart whether this is social, romantic or financial - we should be able to fix it, right? 

So this is where the T-square doesn’t help, as the Sun, Mercury Retrograde and also Pallas Athena, representing higher wisdom are grouped together in Leo, where they act as the leg of the T.  These three cosmic bodies are inviting us to open our hearts (due to it being Leo), show our authentic selves and reach out with the truths we hold dear.  The inherent wisdom in our hearts, might be hiding behind a façade, ignored or not in full power and thereby the relationship factor we need to fix, could bring conflict and be hard to budge. Mercury Retrograde’s presence here in the Leo party insists on total honesty with yourself and somehow we have to understand this mercurial, lesson before we can move forward.

Leo Solar Eclipse

This Leo Solar Eclipse on 11th August can be seen as a new start, where we can now show up without the mask, without the constriction or label we may have been hiding behind and the lion wants us to come out and roar, even when complex situations or our internal navigation systems are demanding otherwise.  Mercury Retrograde and Pallas Athena’s involvement will ensure we are given the extra brain power to express what our hearts are saying; we have the next six months to get our personal royal crowns straight and go forward with both head and heart aligned.

Super Powered Girlfriend Is A Softy

Whilst the eclipse is encouraging us to embrace our sovereignty, Mars Retrograde bumps into Lilith at 0’ Aquarius from 6th August through to 21st.  This is the disempowered masculine backing into the super powered and righteous female.  She could actually crush this guy, take him out whilst he is down, but here in early Aquarius, whose humanitarian values are strong, they come to an agreement.  This meeting of ‘weakened’ male and strong female taking on ‘opposing’ roles could deliver another step forward to the #metoo campaign and highlight how women (and other under-valued groups) want equality, not supremacy, either on the global stage in the fight for diversity representation or within our own lives.  Whatever the outcome, it will be an unusual move away from a patriarchal duality construct to freedom, equality and support for all sexes.

You Got Mail – Mercury Goes Direct

At last Mercury goes direct on 19th August and for some, especially those who are Mercury ruled, Virgos, Geminis (and also Leos), via a natal sun or ascendant, it will be a definite sea change in planning for the future as Mercury is conjunct the North Node destiny point, highlighting goals, and forms a Grand Fire Trine with the Moon in Sag and Chiron in Aries.  This is a light bulb moment where you either get the piece of information to make the puzzle complete or you are able to deliver the information gem you have been ruminating on.  Either way, it will be satisfying to move out of the August stale-mate situation, start to strategise effectively and jump to the next stage in negotiations.

Say Goodbye To Old Fears

Now that Mercury has provided the key code, the Pisces Full Moon on 26th August acts like the lock.  A door opens, or does it shut behind us?  Perhaps both, as we are now in brand new territory, feeling vulnerable without a map and must use our instincts to guide us.  Pisces Full Moon is at the head of a kite formation with Uranus Retrograde urging change on one side and Saturn Retrograde focused on our karmic duty on the other.  The Piscean bewilderment is real, if not downright scary, yet there is a feeling, that if we are brave and take the first unknown step, the others will follow naturally and swiftly.  Sure enough, within 24 hours of this super-charged kite-head Full Moon, Mars goes direct and in comes all our faculties of direction, certainty and perception.  Bingo.  This instantly feels good, like a shot of caffeine to snap everything and everyone back into action.  August ends and so does our hibernation.


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