August Stars By Venus & Vesta

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Ladies and Gentleman, the lion is at large this August, creating dramatic emotional overtures in a month-long loving heatwave, dialled for passion and pleasure.  The generous feelings and optimistic mood keeps getting better and the thrilling atmosphere is a creative force that allows us to make hay whilst the sun is definitely shining.

Leo New Moon For Love

August kicks off with the first of two fantastic new moons and this one on 1stAugust (or 31stJuly in some places) is notable as it occurs at the same time as Mercury completes its month long retrograde and stations direct – a forward thinking, progressive action for us all.  Synchronicity like this, with two ‘new beginning’ aspects is the starter klaxon for regeneration, new growth, new ideas and opens the doorways for massive opportunity.  This is very good news for concerns close to home and affairs of the heart, or at least heart felt projects and people.  We may see these people coming together for empowerment or entrepreneurship, as well as being captivated by new ideas or even charismatic leaders (see UK’s new PM).  It is incredibly positive and heralds good times ahead, as any Leo New Moon might, since Leo, ruled by the Sun is warm and engaging and very optimistic.  Venus, planet of love, beauty and money is part of this new moon energy and adds a sprinkling of romantic dust to all these affairs – yes love and romance are in the air!  The new moon’s square to Uranus, planet of change will increase the wow factor, so expect major surprises around the beginning of August AND, the trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, ensures that any developments are actually for your own highest good, even if their dramatic value is quite shocking.

Just Say YES!

The Sun and Venus stay together in Leo for most of August maintaining the factor 50 love potential and increasing the chances for romance, loving and sex.  Around the 7thand 8thAugust, this blushing pair make an exact trine with expansive Jupiter (in retrograde motion), adding even more emotional largesse and bravado, which could tip the fun into dramatic scenes or excessive states.  The moon heightens our emotional capacity even more on the 10thby meeting Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and shining a light on these scenes of merriment and optimism.  Are we in love?  Is this for real?  A day later (11th), Jupiter answers ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ by turning direct - this wave of generosity and optimism feels like it is here to stay.

Fascinating Turn Of Events

As if by movement of a series of cogs, within 24 hours (on 12th), Uranus, the planet of change and ideas, turns retrograde in steadfast Taurus and this can go one of two ways.  Uranus might like to throw in a disruptive curve ball, but due to the square to Mercury who enters Leo, the gauntlet has been thrown and these two planets create a new layer of fascination to an already sizzling set of affairs.  Uranus and Mercury are your crazy friends and they turn up the dial on indulgence and thrills to ten.

Cooling Air Of The Full Moon

The Full Moon in rational Aquarius on 15th, will endeavour to blow cool air over our royal escapade, but the Sun and Venus are still joined in sacred lion union, and Mercury and Mars are also in royal territory.  Team Leo does not want to hear what this air sign moon has to say and who does, when in the throes of a Grand Passion.  There are obvious frustrations as the playful cats and are most likely to only take on board the ideas that they like from the water carrier moon and leave the more sobering themes for another time – the cheek of it!

Serious Support For The Lovers

Our lovers can only ignore reality for so much longer.  When dynamic Mars and then love planet Venus move into practical Virgo by 21stAugust, and then make a powerful and creative trine aspect with the moon and Uranus in methodical Taurus, we might expect things to go awry.  However, the grounding forces of these earth signs lend firm support to the lovers, or indeed any of our playful projects.  Their serious and practical way of working provides the critical mass to take the dreamers, the lovers, the players and any dare devil start-up to a more permanent and sure footing.  Knowing this helpful and instructive energy is going to provide commitment to the wondrous love themes in August, is the confirmation we need to go ahead and enjoy these rare and exciting pleasures.

Virgo Bears Fantastic Fruit

The sensational mood does slowly change to more realistic levels as the sun joins Venus and Mars in early Virgo (from 23rd), so when the second new moon of August occurs on 30th we have another opportunity to go into production with our creative dreams or loving ideas.  This Virgo New Moon is working with change-maker Uranus in Taurus which lends vital electricity to pragmatic planning – all systems are go!  The Virgo New Moo is the natural harvester for anything that has been growing or brewing in July and August and here we can earnestly get to work and know that much of what we are working towards, is definitely going to pay off in many useful ways.  Yes, our harvest is here.

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p.s. Tippi Hedren, pictured, had her own pet lion back in the 1970's

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