December Stars by Venus And Vesta

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Keep Hold Of Your Lucky Charm

We’ve had a whole year of lucky Jupiter in serendipitous Sagittarius, the expansive god’s home sign, so when Jupiter moves into serious Capricorn on the 2nd Dec, should we be worried that all our luck is going to run out?  Jupiter does bring abundance and good fortune, it is true, but he works by having an expansive nature and expands almost everything he touches, including waistlines and negative situations – not just the good.  So if you are still waiting for the money, man or mansion to drop into your lap, maybe, just maybe, this move into Capricorn, the sign of career and finance, could be the upgrade you are hoping for.  However, Jupiter in this goal orientated earth sign will bust apart any career situations or entrepreneurial dreams if they are not aligned for success – he is intent on the higher learning and speeding us up towards great things, and in Capricorn, that means career, finance, business and status. 

An End To Industrial Revolution

Jupiter will be joining planetary giants Saturn and Pluto and together in 2020, they will be working on re-developing not just the patriarchal structures that have been our society’s programming since before the Romans, but also the work culture and the idea of the working week, that was developed around the industrial revolution which started in the 1760’s when Pluto was last in Capricorn.  This is major upheaval for big business and big politics as you might be expecting from this much-talked-about Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 and with Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn, the upheaval starts now, as Jupiter opens the door to progressive development and therefore opportunity.  Get yourself ready for some big leaps forward, however Jupiter will invite you to work really hard for it too.

Creative Dream Team On Target

As Jupiter, planet of abundance enters Capricorn, he joins Venus, planet of love.  The universe’s two main benefactors in the business sign, must bode well for sponsorship deals and what is about to come.  Venus here is a reminder of what is of value, especially when money is at stake, since Venus also rules money and as she starts December in a tight sextile with Mars in Scorpio, we might feel their persuasive action as both Venus and Mars work as a scintillating couple and inspiring creative dream team, pointing people in the right direction; to do or die, it’s a knife-edge but brings about much more satisfying results.

Vote And Be Damned

Lovely Venus gets closer and closer to karmic time-lord, Saturn on 10th and 11th, bringing heart-centred consideration to business and political themes and with the UK going to the electoral polls to pick a new political leader on 12th – will we all (not just the UK), be swayed by emotional values rather than cerebral considerations?  Vote with your heart and be damned - damned because Venus then joins Pluto, the dark destroyer on 12th - 14th who delivers the ultimatum and brings closure to the burning questions of the last few years, in Europe and to us personally.

Full Moon Media Storm

All this hell and damnation with sweet talking Venus, whilst the moon comes to fullness on the 11th in Gemini, the sign of information and communication, heralds a media storm and a war of words, without the benefit of truth, or so it seems.  Gemini likes telling for talking sake and since this moon of the twins, is hidden from the planets getting political in Capricorn, many important decisions may be taken, which fly in the face of what the media tell us, or on a personal level, what information has been revealed to us. 

The Push We Need

Straight after this intense period of consideration about the future, Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries, goes direct on 13th, adding to the feeling of individual responsibility (that may have been missing lately) and giving forward momentum for the next steps.  Chiron turning here, square to optimistic Jupiter, is a push anyone might need to take a big leap, like a toddler’s first steps unaided – watch us go!

Crazy Good Ideas

When Venus takes her heart-centred ideas into Aquarius on 19th, the mood lightens considerably and due to the square with change-maker Uranus, the door opens to brand new ideas about a modern egalitarian society, our own freedom and a much more inspirational view of the future.  This is a real relief and we may be surprised by how many crazily good ideas come through, once we let go of the recent intense and perhaps over-bearing pressure regarding the future – it is now Christmas time after all.

Success Starred Solar Eclipse

In this lighter attitude, the sun moves into Capricorn on 21st December and kicks of the traditional holiday season with a steadying influence, providing a good platform for our Aquarian wild dreaming.  It’s a good mix of firm earth and wilful fresh air, so on the other side of Christmas, when Capricorn hosts a serious solar eclipse, it opens powerful doorways to not just new business opportunities, but new ways of doing business that are fruitful and fortuitous – since this eclipse sits on Jupiter, our abundant planet of good fortune.  The combination of the Capricorn solar eclipse and lucky Jupiter, will be working for our benefit for the next six months and so it is worth spending the end days of 2019 setting out new career plans to build a more reliable route to wealth and prosperity in 2020 – the eclipse is success starred and acts as your coach and money maker in one.

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