December Stars by Venus & Vesta

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Stranger Things Happen At Sea

There is a watery thing going on this month as the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, extend their emotional rivers, leaving no other option for us but to be honest about how we feel.  Get your oars and your heart ready.

Stranger Things

As if there was an extended Scorpio season, in the first week of December, Mercury retrogrades back into the fierce one’s territory to re-start negotiations, these go to an even deeper, more complex level now that the truths, found in in the last few weeks (in Sag) are on the table and a new depth of understanding gives confidence.  Even if you are reticent, it will be good to have these conversations as these are important topics and the Sun and Jupiter who are both now in Sagittarius will keep things honest and open.  Also, within 24 hours, Venus steps back into Scorpio, whilst still in the shadow of her retrograde process.  These two inner planets are moving closer together in Scorpio from either end and we also might find this pincer movement happening in our lives.  The chips are down and we now have to be utterly honest with ourselves, let alone anyone else.  Do we really want and value what we now have, Venus asks?  Are we happy with where we are heading, Mercury responds?  These are not surface day dreams but potentially devastating questions when answered in the true scorpionic way, which means admitting to our more subversive thoughts – stranger things, indeed.  The shadow really is awakening, but it is not always so dark.

How Much Do You Care?

Mercury will insist on forcing these issues as the planet of communication and travel, turns direct on the December 6th and connects with our deeper, inner landscape via a Grand Water Trine involving both Chiron in Pisces, representing our personal pain, and the North Node in Cancer, who will drive the more emotional aspects of any plans or ideas to the fore, ie: how much do you care?  If you thought half measures and compromises would please the crowd or your loved ones, think again. The planets (including Mars connecting with Neptune), are making us feel what is going on emotionally, on such a deep level, it can be hard to navigate towards our goal, so we might as well feel it, say it, do it, and not be attached to the outcome – the Sagittarius New Moon, with Mars and Neptune in Pisces, have a better opportunity, as you will see.

Crazy But Good Requires Letting Go

The New Moon in Sagittarius on 7thDecember is a door opener for startling opportunities, so be prepared for the unexpected.  The good fortune and welcome ideas coming in via this lunar aspect involving Neptune and Mars are on the crazy side, but really they are the wild release to freedom, required to move forward.  The New Moon occurs straight after Mercury in Scorpio goes direct and, 24 hours after, Chiron in Pisces, part of the Grand Water Trine, goes direct too.  If you want some of this incredible good fortune, letting go of previous held sadness, victimhood or melodrama is the way to go with this energy.  That old paradigm is being left behind and Chiron’s last days in Pisces in December, are the last call for excess baggage.  The call of the wild and unknown is now strong.

The Future Is Brilliant

Venus steps out of her shadow on December 17th and this in itself is an extrication from difficult situations if you haven’t already done so.  With this move, a door closes on 2018 (you will be glad to know), with all its shadow work and reversals and we can now look forward to the adventure that is next year.  Brilliant possibilities of what could lie ahead are highlighted (on Dec 21st) with Mercury, now back in Jupiter and all bright ideas and chat, meeting up with Jupiter whose positive and expansive nature will draw out exciting new plans, and a new 2019 diary, already dotted with thrilling appointments.  Planetarily speaking, this is the New Year and it gives a sneak peek look into a future to get excited about.

Crying Over Christmas

The watery Full Moon on 23rd at 0’ Cancer provides the usual added emotional weight to Christmas and tears are more likely than turkey to make it a year to remember.  A beautiful aspect between Venus and Neptune in the other two water signs (Scorpio and Pisces) invite emotional bonding and heart-warming connections, even a chance to repair old wounds with the family.  These will be re-conciliatory tears, BUT when decisive Mars joins Chiron at the end of Pisces, at what is effectively, the end of the zodiac, it signals the absolute end and cut off point to so many of the year’s dramas.  This is a timely and dramatic finale to a year of re-visiting the past and set backs which have have set us on a brand new much clearer path.  Mars enters his home sign, fire starter Aries on January 1 and this doubly dynamic combination is the klaxon to step up and out with a new assertive resolutions and a forward looking attitude.

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