January Stars by Venus and Vesta

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It’s All About Saturn & Pluto

This month’s Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is everything we have been building up to in the past year and everything we will be dealing with for much of 2020.  To demonstrate how big this is, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, we had the industrial revolution, since Pluto’s role in Capricorn is to reorganise the structures that run our work lives - hello 9-5.  And the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct, they were in Libra redeveloping the rules around sexual equality (amongst other things) – women couldn’t get a loan without a man’s signature until the 1980’s and in 1982 a landmark ruling made it illegal to refuse service to women in pubs - before that women had to sit at the table as it was unseemly to go to the bar(!).  Women were still taxed as part of their husbands’ wages and not independently until 1990, so you can see their joint influence as ‘malefics’ isn’t all bad.   

However, Saturn and Pluto were in opposition at the 9/11 terrorist attack when their powerful but opposing forces created this huge menace, the truth of which is still unclear but has ricocheted through the last two decades.  These two planets have hugely influential karmic forces with Saturn dealing with the manifest world and our karmic chores within it; and Pluto, all that is hidden and deeply powerful, yet still karmically ordained. When both our physical and energetic worlds are caught up in this mighty conjunction, it calls for a complete deconstruction, a taking apart to revolutionise wherever Capricorn is in our charts.  Here you can check against the house for your sun sign or if you know our chart, where it falls for you personally.  NB: Luckily Jupiter follows this quickly, so we have the chance to put it all back together again in a better way throughout 2020.

Aries / 10th house:

Several career doors might close during this aspect, but in truth you are being re-aligned for something more appropriate and as one door closes, another WILL open, even though you may have to work hard, it will be worth it.

Taurus / 9th house:

There is a whole wide world out there that needs exploring yet so much of what you were learning about it, now needs a re-think.  The grass proves it is not always greener further away from home.

Gemini / 8th house: Your financial affairs may unravel in terms of mortgages and pensions, and whilst delving into your investment pots, questions around power and intimacy will keep you highly charged and inventive.

Cancer / 7th house:

Romantic and business partners will come under intense scrutiny as you start to take apart the reasons that keep you together to check whether they are fit for purpose and sustainable for long term growth.

Leo / 6th house:

In the house of daily tasks and health, just re-organising your day might not be enough to satisfy this aspect, so deep excavation on your daily life but also your health will be in order and that means reinventing your idea of keeping fit and what healthy eating means eat too.

Virgo / 5th house:

Unthinkable that you should need to address how you present yourself, but there it is in the house of self-expression, but also of happiness and pleasure.  Now is your chance to have a make-over and loosen the strict work ethic.

Libra / 4th house:

Your home sector is set for a re-shuffle and maybe this is to do with your parents, or how you parent.  You could be moving house, breaking away from the nest or re-negotiating family ties.

Scorpio / 3rd house:

This house of communication and travel around your neighbourhood or to work needs a restyle and perhaps your methods of conversing were learnt from those around you, like your siblings, and best mates.  Now you can re-write how you live in your environment who you want to have around you.

Sagittarius / 2nd House:

This is your skills and resources sector, so perhaps you are re-developing your skill-set so you can be competent with your new world style occupation or business and creating and storing up security for your future.

Capricorn / 1st house:

Since you host this planetary clash, you are the one creating all the waves, the mover and the shaker, turning your life around and rejecting so many aspects of yourself that were not aligned for your success and making something wonderful happen in its stead.

Aquarius / 12th house:

Deep sub-conscious patterns need looking at to change your entire life.  What internal regulations have you been running to keep you in survival mode?  These can now be relaxed and once your sub-conscious can learn it is, and you are, safe, you can download new futuristic style super software to programme your life for success.

Pisces / 11th House:

This is the social, community and project house, so falling out with friends or walking away from groups or projects you were working on or aligned with is going to free up time and space to connect with new people.

 Everyone in 2020:

We’ve had a whole year of lucky Jupiter in serendipitous Sagittarius, the expansive god’s own sign, so all the doors of opportunity that opened, but just didn't happen, can now start to happen, but in unimaginable ways for 2020.

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