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Eclipse season is back this July with one solar and one lunar eclipse occurring across the axis of mothering Cancer and business-minded Capricorn.   They pull in a tug of war, in opposite directions with the more empathetic Cancer side winning only slightly and only for now.  Emotional caring is Cancer’s territory and with so many planets moving into loving Leo, the sun and our hearts have to come out for a sizzling hot summer drama.

Welcome The Goddess

We have been building up to the Solar Eclipse at 10’ Cancer for a while now due to the extra planets moving through the sign of the crab, highlighting Cancer’s messages of loving, caring, mothering, self-sacrifice and emotional empathy.  The North Node is the destiny point where the Cancer Solar Eclipse occurs on 2ndJuly and this super-charged new moon, is inviting us to open our hearts to the possibilities of being the universal mother in all situations and drawing in the Divine Feminine for all things.  This sounds pretty and charming and it is, but the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn opposite are representing the dominant male archetype of the patriarch and these guys are really bad losers. Whilst these two big planets (called the ‘malefics’ due to their harder nature), force a deconstruction of all political, medical, corporate structures, the Cancer feminine and more empathetic ideal is gently flowering in their stead.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse is like fertiliser on this flowering and we should all be ready to welcome the blossoming of this more emotional female archetype in our futures.  It’s time for the big corporates and governing bodies to get touchy feely and start caring about the planet and society.  At the time of writing, French police are spraying peaceful climate change protestors with tear gas in 44’ heat, demonstrating for all to see, the forceful nature of federal states (Saturn / Pluto) operating in fear with aggression, and therefore demonstrating what has to change.

An End To Stepford Wife

At the same time as this solar eclipse, Mercury and Mars are in Leo and they are demanding we each step up to claim our own part of this new feminine caring, whether male or female. Leo asks us to love ourselves before we love anyone else, the old refrain, but so important when Cancer is in full selfless flow and up against the big guns.  Clever Mercury and dynamic Mars ensure that the new female ideal isn’t the yielding Stepford Wife or yore, ruled by the patriarch, she (or he) is her own being and master, thanks to Leo’s guidance which also urges going with what FEELS right in your heart for you personally.  This is an end to serving the patriarch or any unworthy ‘male’ aspect such as the French police, and calling it out for what it is.  We now switch to working with the Goddess in her own right, right there, working with Panchamama, Gaia and Mother Earth, so surely the climate change activist will have a chance to be heard.  Likewise, any David and Goliath style issues in our own lives may come up for review as aggressive or dominant moves ensure the tables turn towards a softer approach.

Summer Loving, Had Me A Blast

A week later on 8thJuly, Mercury goes retrograde at 4’ Leo in a dramatic and startling about turn due to meeting Mars at this spot.  If this degree (or two either side) occurs on any of your planets or angles, you could be in for whiplash as this ‘change of heart’ is thrilling and fast. Mars here ignites a fire for many relationships that keeps on giving and keeps on heating up throughout July and August, as hot-blooded Mars is chasing Juno, the partnership asteroid through sun and heart ruled Leo.  This is flirty fun to the max and can bring out the love, the romance and the sex for singles and for couples.  We could all do with a bit of this feisty pleasure, but there is a chance it will be too hot for some and as the fireworks turn into bonfires, some relationships won’t be able to last the distance.  Obviously this is unfortunate but Mars’ fire is here to ignite passion and drive, but also to clear away what is not meant to be.

Do What You Love – Love What You Do

There will be a nod of a few heads saying ‘I knew that was going to happen’ as the Sun joins the North Node destiny point in Cancer, highlighting future ideals of family and togetherness at the same time as opposing Saturn Retrograde.  Saturn always draws us back to our karmic path and this opposition exact on 10thJuly will be an alarm bell to those not doing what their heart desires.  This is where you throw in the perfectly good job or partner and start making money from your hobby at home.

Pluto Puts His Boot In

It’s just as well we have a few alarms going off before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on 16thJuly because this eclipse is next to Pluto Retrograde and all kinds of hidden issues and power games will be vying for our attention.  Pluto wants us to go big or go home, and evolve beyond our tiny ideas to something far greater.  As part of this lunar eclipse, the dark Lord of the underworld, Pluto, may bring an end to the plans we were creating for ourselves, bringing a big boot down on our sandcastles.  Pluto sees them for what they are and demands that we use every fibre of our being to build better structures that will last into the future and this isn’t just for us personally, it also pertains to big corporations, political platforms, and societal structures.  This might seem like a hard-ship but it is a taster of what is to come in January 2020 when Pluto meets with Saturn for a major showdown. 

Turbo Charged Intellect

If you need to get out of any of the situations I’m describing, 21stJuly looks like a good day to come up with new ideas and discuss how everyone feels (since this is Cancer) about where life now seems to be heading.  Mercury Retrograde goes cazimi on this day, meaning we get a super powered boost of intellect and information as the tiny planet has the sun at its back, lighting it up and turbo charging its themes.  Mercury backs into Venus a few days later on 24th/ 25th, so we can be hopeful that any new discussions or ideas will go well, despite the fact that Mercury has moved back into opposition with Pluto. Mercury really is making the case for more caring and empathetic based discussions during this retrograde, like when politicians bring out a baby for the photo shoot.  From 29thJuly Mercury and all the social planets, the sun and now the moon are in Cancer and Leo who are both, always about the feels and the heart.  So how can Pluto and his darkness argue against such a convincing case of touchy feely, friendly warmth?   He might try repeatedly, but this lady is not for turning, July is for loving.

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