March Stars by Venus & Vesta

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March brings major movements as Mercury Retrograde breaks the planetary flow and pulls us all back from the edge.  Trouble starter, Uranus moves into Taurus sending electrifying energy down to planet earth for us humans to enjoy.   We can expect new global conversations, controversy and conspiracy to populate the planet as we get the chance to imagine a better, but potentially crazier, future.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

We have been enjoying two whole months of rare APDM, ‘All Planets in Direct Motion’ which is the wind at our backs and the road rising up to meet our feet in astrological terms and this is hugely beneficial if we want progress and answers (but not if you want to ‘remain’ in the same place).  The last day for catching this wind is 5thMarch as Mercury, planet of communication, travel and the mind, breaks the forward flow by turning retrograde the following day. Mercury turns on the last degree of the whole zodiac and at this final spot, 29’ Pisces, so much of what we have been trying to complete, comes undone or goes off on a tangent, not of our own design.  Mercury Retrograde from this point seems to be tripping us up at the last hurdle, but why? It seems we might be selling ourselves short and could regret the route we are now taking – Pisces is often regretful. However, the rest of March provides plenty of opportunities to discover a better way ahead, I promise you.

Disillusionment Is The Saving Grace

But first, we also have a Piscean New Moon on 6thMarch that is sitting on Neptune, the planet that gets us lost and confused, and this is a double whammy of disillusionment. We thought we were going in one direction, but this energy keeps us going in circles without an end game in sight. If this is disruptive for you, look at it as being pulled back from the brink, a saving grace where you cannot fathom the reason; don’t try to work it out, go with the flow as the serendipity is definitely working in the background.

Thunderbolt & Lightning

Not just a Mercury Retrograde and a Pisces New Moon, ALSO, on the very same day, Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and thrills changes signs after 8 years in Aries.  This is a major astrological event and earthquakes are predicted since Uranus is a startling thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening energy, and it enters Taurus representing the earth and all its creatures, so we can expect some seismic shifts across the land as well as in our bodies as 5G becomes a thing.

20,000 New Satellites

As an example, the last time Uranus was in Taurus (1934-42), WWII started, which ended with the use of nuclear weapons which were developed in that time.  5G seems like a much more harmonious technological breakthrough, but still brings the same Uranus style, radio-active energy to planet earth for humans to deal with (20,000 new satellites anyone?).  On a more benign note, this period could see improvements to factory farming as it is no coincidence that humans are awakening to the toxicity and terror industrial levels of farming bring to the land.  In this way, Uranus is a big wake up call for humanity and all methods to create sustainability will be enhanced to give us the eco-future we so badly need.

Secrets & Lies

So the first week of March is a major game changer but more is in store.  Mercury retrogrades back to bump into the Sun on 14thMarch and this means Mercury goescazimi– it takes on super powers, the size of the Sun.  Mercury, who likes to talk and find out information, is therefore emboldened and will bring out the truth andthe lies that have been hiding in the background undisturbed.  If you have been lied to, or have been lying to yourself, Mercury cazimi in Pisces will bring these out.  Likewise, if you are waiting for information or need to reveal your deepest wishes, this is your day.  Mercury Retrograde Cazimi creates a t-square with the Moon (emotions) and Jupiter (expansion) AND trines the North Node destiny point, so whatever gets said or launched on this day, will change the course of our future.

An Argument Clears The Air

The following week from Monday 19th, Venus, planet of love and money starts a square with Mars in Taurus.  The female and male planets are at odds like this and Venus joins up with super feminist Dark Moon Lilith and as they are in freedom loving Aquarius, she is pressing for justice and if she doesn’t get equality, she is ready to leave, slamming that door! Mars here is sex and desire and is making a trine connection with powerful Pluto, that gives him the green light to dominate.  Perhaps some dynamic part of us (whether male or female) goes a bit too far, but the Full Moon the next day, at 0’ Libra, the sign of harmony, might save the day.  Libra is the best negotiator and perhaps both sides of this argument need to be heard, so maybe this argument is just what is needed and clears the air.

Vision Board The Future

For the last week of March, from 24th, Mercury stations on Neptune and again, throws a truth bomb into the proceedings.  Who can you trust when revelations are dropping like flies?  Mercury with Neptune is deceptive but also highly creative, acting like a doorway to new ideas and magical frontiers.  If you suspect you don’t have the full ticket, or an opportunity has dissolved in front of you, this is a time to put your imagination to work and develop a new incredible vision board that suits yourself entirely.  Whatever fantastic image you dream up now, has the best chance of working in the coming months.

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