November Stars by Venus And Vesta

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Scorpio may have taken us to deep and dark places, but November is ripe to reap the benefits with a series of fabulous cosmic alliances.

Rose Tinted Spectacles

Immediately November has a different feel right from the beginning, as Venus, planet of love and money, steps out of dark Scorpio on the 2nd and into the adventurous fields of Sagittarius.  Venus has been cocooned in unspoken power games, mystery love, even underhand financial deals and now the wide open honesty, and ‘anything is possible’ outlook can be startling, although will probably be needed.  Venus wants our cards on the table here and her change of style is joined by Juno, the marriage broker asteroid, stepping out of pure hearted but picky Virgo two days later on 4th.  Juno is moving into harmonious Libra, where the tendency is to don the rose tinted spectacles and make out everything is more than ok.  Venus and Juno are working together beautifully in this way, opening the doors to love and romance, as well as more abundance and caring.  Whilst this gives a much more pleasing outlook, the chances of missing essential details, or ignoring them for a smoother ride, are extremely high.  If you are open to new adventures, affairs or financial deals, Venus stays in this adventurous mode, increasing her dynamic flow of benevolence until 26th November.

Press Pause On Match-Making

However Juno, in heightened Libra match-making mode, is in a face-off with Chiron the Wounded Healer - remember the inappropriate blind date your aunt sent you on?  Juno wants everyone to get along and even pair up, but Chiron is casting dispersions on new alliances and adding his own reminder of all those issues you wanted to avoid.    This is particularly intense around the 8th, so listen up to what occurs, as Chiron is providing this alert so that you can learn from previous mistakes and do things differently this time around.  This aspect stays for two weeks, until 15th November whilst you press pause or gather the deeper facts.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Deeper facts, are becoming more readily available as Mercury stays retrograding in Scorpio shadows, providing proper insight and unnerving conversational gambit that may force a change of mind, a change of heart even, since Venus is open to suggestion right now.   Mercury Retrograde opposes the Taurus Full Moon on 11/12th causing us all to face up to what we really feel about what this retrograde is revealing to us.  These Scorpio secrets pertain to our own sub-conscious patterns that hold us in bondage to people and ideas and whilst Mercury acts as the antennae to pick up critical points we are attached to, it is the Taurus moon that increases the discomfort of staying in the same spot.  Taurus likes creature comforts and is the most stubborn of signs, yet held in this lunar aspect, the juxtaposition of hidden or unmanifest information (with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio) and the bull’s physical hungry nature, becomes all too real.  Should I stay or should I go?

Is Home Where The Heart Is?

The question has been posed, but it is best to wait for the answer, as Mars moves into Scorpio on the 19th and all his dynamic assertiveness and courage starts activating these hidden and even underhand motives.  Mars is sex, Mars is war, Mars is certainty and by entering Scorpio, delivers powerful and crucial answers to some difficult questions and there is no mistake now, what needs to be done.  Mars is opposing Uranus, the planet of change and now nothing is more certain than change, even if you need to take a deep breath to make it happen.  Two days later on 21st, Mercury stations direct and we cannot help but get swept along by what the planets are urging us to pull out of our darkest hat.  Yes, we must go to these greater lengths to create what we need, since Mercury and Mars are working with the North Node destiny point in Cancer who says ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, but by now, you can guess, home could be somewhere or something else.

Super Special Lucky Weekend

Come the weekend of 22nd, Scorpio season technically ends as the Sun steps into the expansive plains of Sagittarius the courageous centaur, and this lifts the mood somewhat as Sagittarius is generally very hopeful, positive and encouraging.  Sag’s ruler Jupiter, planet of abundance, is still in Sagittarius and a day later on 23rd, Jupiter gets a boost from the beauty and love planet that is Venus, for what could be the most fortuitous and fabulous weekend we have had in a very long time.  Venus and Jupiter meet only once a year, and once in every 12 years in lucky Sagittarius, Jupiter’s home sign, so this meeting is super special. I can’t stress the serendipity over this weekend enough – as if we have all been dipped in fairy dust and gained insight into new brilliance and a doorway, opened to a wide vista of abundance.  Indeed, the meeting occurs at the degrees of the Galactic Centre where divine source is emanating high grade vibrational frequencies for humanity’s benefit and ascendancy, so do be in receiving mode to get the most of this blissful cosmic download.

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon on 26th fires the centaur’s arrow at the place we focus our intentions and adds optimism and ability to our goals.  A Sag New Moon is a tremendous kick starter and of this wasn’t enough to shift things your preferred way, on 27th of November, magical Neptune, sitting in creative Pisces, now stations direct and this new forward flow enhances the chances for miracle serendipity to occur.  We really can expect bountiful blessings as Neptune is working in an exact trine with information planet Mercury providing the impetus for the vast seas of the gaseous planet to bring you exactly what you have been asking for.  Of course, with Mercury, the planet of communication in play, and a portal to the Galactic Centre wide open, these blessings are for real, but of course, we first have to be careful what we wish for – the Gods are always listening.

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