November Stars By Venus & Vesta

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Do not think you are alone if October wasn’t very kind to you.  Lady Venus, the ruler of art, beauty, love and money took a dark turn, making us reconsider what is of real value to us, but this hard look at triggers are turned to a huge advantage in November as she shines her light so lovingly, we could be lured into tempting situations and inspired by more fruitful collaborations.  November is about the win win win...

Revenge Is Sweet But A Kiss Is Sweeter

The first week of November is a complete change of scene and a fresh perspective; Venus has moved back into Libra and this is her home town, where she loves everyone and wants good things for all people.  If Venus had only retrograded in Scorpio, she would want revenge for whatever darkness she uncovered, but by stepping back into Libra, a whole new vista of opportunity opens up; in this harmonious sign, she wants repatriation and reconciliation.  A loving attitude, even when pressed against underhand strategies or downright deceit and power play, could teach us something - some of that stuff - we have to let go!

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots But People Do Change

This isn’t about being gullible or a pushover.  Venus will be working with asteroid Ceres who has a deep understanding of what is required and as these two planetary Goddesses parlay, they are working out better guidelines to follow and a better way to get along, be that in loving relationships or in business.  Their idealism is extremely good news since the retrograde will have given them serious shadow forces to transform and as the Moon joins them around 5th November, our hearts are gently and lovingly opened and thereby, emotions could turn sentimental.

New Love To An Old Love

The masculine forces of Mars are now moving into positive (and consensual) play with Venus Rx, urging new ideas and daring us to try something a little different.  Mars is in this beautiful alignment until 15th and this opens the door to an old flame or a rekindling of romance within an existing couple.  Venus Retrograde really can bring back old romances, or even a similar situation and her journey in Libra doubles the chance of bringing about new love to an old love or vice versa.

Let’s Get Serious

A Scorpio New Moon on 7th November opens the door to more serious elements, even legal issues, to intensify the flow of harmonious developments and partnerships.  What may have started as a simple flirtation or an affair with an ex, has the ability to get serious - as unexpectedly as it may seem.  On the same day as this New Moon, and thereby adding to its intensity, we may get some shock news as Uranus (planet of surprises) moves back into Aries, and the North Node (destiny) moves back into Cancer.  These sign switches on the lunar event are decisive, if not cutting, and could force commitment to one path, or freedom with another.

A Lucky Year

Whichever way the decision goes, fortunately, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, now starts a year long adventure in Sagittarius where the general mood is one of hope and exploration.  Sagittarius is all about taking a higher more learned view and after Jupiter’s year in Scorpio (which started with the Harvey Weinstein news breaking), we can expect to focus on togetherness, community action, global growth - even a step forward in the enlightenment and abundance that Jupiter is known for, as this is Jupiter’s home sign and we can count it lucky.

The ‘Fun’ Of Mercury Retrograde

Venus and Mars make a joint move on 16th November, when Venus finally goes direct and a new, workable understanding is formed.  Venus and our heartfelt concerns are now in direct motion - empowered and forthright, with more confidence to create alliances and keep them going.  In fact, we must keep going with the new emotional wellbeing we have attained (having survived the Venus Retrograde), so that when Mercury goes retrograde, two days later on 18th November, we know that any change of plans or hiccups, will be bringing new opportunities rather than creating havoc.  To add to any charming hiccup, the Mercury ruled Gemini Full Moon on 23 November may also de-rail best laid plans, as it fights with Mars in a stressful t-square.  It will be worth listening to what mad ideas come up - the Moon in the sign of the twins, or the double sided self, might just be holding up a mirror we need to look into.

Try A Little Magic

The last week of November from Friday 23rd November is a special planetary treat as the Sun meets up with Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter in Sagittarius for a week long joust.  This is a jolly meeting of friends, who may get drunk at your table and cavort into the night, but they also invite magical blessings, beyond what you had previously ever imagined.  You would be wise to be a little laid back throughout the whole of November, but in the last week especially - let these guests do as they please.  Watch the happy circus do their tricks and perhaps try a little sleight of hand yourself.  The white rabbit is ready to come out of the hat at last.

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