October Stars by Venus And Vesta

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Get your Halloween mask ready as there is a trick or treat for everyone this October, whoever you are and whatever your predilection is, as Venus, planet of love, beauty, art and money takes a retrograde journey through Scorpio, AKA the underworld.  Other planets will also be involved in promoting these themes concerned with our heartfelt values, as well as the darker side of the feminine, although you don’t have to be female to appreciate this new platform of opportunity, you just have to be brave.

Little Red Riding Hood In The Forest

It feels like the doldrums of Mars Retrograde only just ended when on 6thOctober, Venus turns around, to revert back into the darkness that is Scorpio and our inner psyche.  This could be likened to Little Red Riding Hood walking deeper into the forest. What will she find there?  Is she lost?  Does she know the danger?  Yes, our Venus Riding Hood has a purpose of discovery, transformation and empowerment.  This journey is a quest to reassess some of the darker aspects of the psycho-sexual past, heal it even.  What were you told or what did you come to understand about love, sex and your own desires that need re-telling in a new, more honourable and sacred way.  Here is the opportunity for us all, male and female, to transform years of oppressive conditioning and degrading behavioural patterns as we perceive what goes on in the universal AND personal forest and how we might change it.

New Moon For Sharing Goodness

Neptune Retrograde is urging Venus on, to be open to new memories and new pathways within this shadow journey, so we can fully grasp the nuances of what needs our focus.  At the same time, Uranus Retrograde will be constantly stimulating this process which will continue all month and enable real and lasting change to start to happen.  This is a dynamic and transformative process, that enhances the effects of the Libra New Moon on 9thOctober which is conjunct Ceres, the Corn Goddess.  Ceres is concerned with what we feed ourselves, what we imbibe in a general sense and what we allow into our surroundings and with the New Moon, is a perfect time to renew commitments to yourself and others, so you can create and draw in more gracious and harmonious circumstances. 

The Wolf Is The Wake Up Call

Venus needs to do this shadow work, we all do, to clear any backlog lurking in our sub-conscious and the square to Mars and asteroid Lilith, is driving this deeper and more intensely. Venus eventually backs into Mercury on 15thOctober and this is a big wake up call as ever there was.  Really. Alarm bells might ring, as the understanding and knowledge around the themes Venus is exploring, open up wide and the penny drops.  This might be where Riding Hood meets the wolf with the arrival of information or a discussion which has the power to set this journey off on a new tangent and is a vital element to sign post where this month is heading.

Taurus Full Moon Feeds Our Desires

Red Riding Hood could get lost going down these dark paths and to draw us back out into this physicality, the Taurus Full Moon on 24thOctober will allow us to re-connect with what we want for ourselves in the 3D material world as Taurus represents our physical desires and our bodies.  The Full Moon is also conjunct the change maker Uranus, in retrograde, so this isn’t a comforting body massage treatment, although that would work brilliantly to bring us back, it is the jolt of an ailment or a demonstration of our own mortality and how emotional habits affect us physically.   We have to take this ‘message’ however it comes, seriously as the North Node destiny point is also in play and telling us that what we learn and transform now is for keeps, plus due its placement in Leo, we are being urged to flourish in our own preferred way and as our own boss – we are in charge of this process if only we knew it.

The Whole Bloody Truth Of Medea

If we are still working out what this Scorpionic soul searching means for us, Venus Retrograde will be going cazimi on 26thOctober and our heart’s darkest truths and deep desires cannot be hidden from ourselves or anyone else for much longer. A cazimi Venus R now stands like Medea, the mother who killed her children for vengeful love and says ‘this is what you did’.  The full bloody truth of how a powerful woman might love and how she might bewitch and cajole, if you were to love a woman as powerful as this – or indeed, if this were you. Of course this wronged woman in all of us, this powerful darker love (male or female) has been suppressed and this aspect, also square to feminist Lilith and Mars, is ready to set things right. 

A Lancing Of Dark Forces

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but do prepare to be exposed, for in the coming days around and following 27thOctober, on to Halloween, Mercury’s wit and brains will be in full force as these proceedings, your own cupboard skeletons, are negotiated and judged and we may feel we are in our own Kavanagh affair.  Mercury (with expansive Jupiter) sits on the most intense degree of the zodiac (29’ Scorpio) and connects with Chiron (back in Pisces), which does sound woefully painful but is a necessary and helpful lancing of the issues Venus is trying to excavate.  The planets are giving us a scapegoat to free us from dark forces, with information and insight to age old etiquette and survival modes that can no longer work or exist in the brilliant and harmonious future that awaits us, should we choose to be brave and accept our mission. 

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