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Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

October is traditionally the witching month, when the shadow comes out to play and our thoughts turn inwards as the light fades.  And so it is fitting that Pluto, the dark lord of the underworld changes direction in the first few days of October, issuing a wake-up call to deep held plans and dark ideas, the type we never imagined we were capable of doing.  Pluto moving direct is a power surge from deep within, a soul stirring, and now we think, “why not?”.  Pluto has been dancing with the other ‘malefic’, Saturn this year and the pair of them, in business minded, politically astute Capricorn, are hedging plans for a new future.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is daring and courageous, and will draw on more of your resources than you would really like.  You are going to have to dig deep for this is one, which is why you didn’t pay attention to it in the first place.  But like the Princess And The Pea, this little niggle about your potential capability and possible success, is waiting for this moment, this week, for you to wake up.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

And so you might.  Early next week from the 7th, the Sun in harmonious Libra, gently moves into a hard aspect with Saturn, our karmic duty on one side and the North Node, the destiny point in Cancer on the other. The resulting ‘t-square’ asks the question or makes the decision we may have been avoiding and are now forced to make about our future.  A Libra Sun will always want to act as the peacemaker, smoothing over any argument, and is well placed to do so, but try though we might, a compromise is not likely. The dynamic fires of Mars act as the heart breaker by opposing Chiron, and information planet Mercury, now in Scorpio, is opposing Uranus, the planet of change.  Change is most likely in this volatile scenario and the choice could be taken out of our hands if we cannot agree or take the bold step into the future. Playing the wild card at this point with an unlikely choice could pay dividends, since the planets are primed for action and ready to rumble.

Dark Revelations Pre-Halloween

Halloween comes early on 11thas Mercury steps into the shadow zone of already dark Scorpio, opening a doorway into our own ability to play the villain with vital pieces of information, cleverly delivered.  Mercury doesn’t retrograde until Halloween, so we have two weeks to practise our lines for difficult conversations and revealing truths that are best kept hidden.  Whatever we try to hide now or is kept from us, has the potential to be revealed in November, so stay well informed and ahead of this dark curve when the shadows will be getting more mysterious.

The Coup D’Etat

There is something single minded and decisive about an Aries Full Moon, so on 13thOctober we can hope for someone or something to take the reins and deliver the coup d’etat with a loud clap of thunder or slap of the thigh.  Some of us are ready for a party, but not everyone is going to like the loud style of this fiery full moon due to its fighting stance with power player Pluto.  This could be explosive as both want to be top dog and there will be a tussle, but the moon has the backing of joyful Jupiter in Sagittarius who can fire off a loud klaxon to get everyone’s attention – this is the startling decisive action that stops all action and silences the room.  If you are in need of a prompt decision or a smart take over, this moon will deliver tenfold and its effects will ricochet into next week.

What Lies Beneath

Venus and Mercury are both in Scorpio’s dark waters but it’s not until the Sun joins them in these shadows on 24thOctober that Scorpio season really does get under way and we can wear our gloom as a fashion statement.  If it hurts, say it.  If you don’t like it, let them know.  Scorpio likes to hide the truth, preferring obscurity in the shade, but the Scorpio New Moon on 28this a pledge for truth even when it hurts.  This isn’t a bitter pill, but a time for inner reflection on what really matters as the exact opposition to crazy planet Uranus in earthly Taurus highlights the disruption in the outer world and its potential to take over if we ourselves are not working on our inner planes. What lies beneath, the deep niggle of opportunity we were going to forget for all its efforts, is now the key thing that we deeply care about and is what is going to get us through this month.

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