October Stars – The Freaks Come Out In October

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The planets are making us work hard for our pleasures this October as they set us up for an analytical process where we question our hearts, our relationships and then ourselves.  The winds change direction quite profoundly mid-month and this self-analysis, although revealing aspects of ourselves we hadn’t quite expected, isn’t so bad after all.  The truth will set you free.

Venus and Mars are travelling very closely together through Virgo in the first two weeks of October; the very male and very female planets, waltzing along in a very particular and analytical sign, dominating the celestial landscape – what can they be discussing?

Since these two represent the male and female archetypes, you would expect them to be getting on, or at least making babies in Virgo’s fertile ground.  This is very true and entirely plausible, but also true (Virgo likes truth), Virgo can be hyper-critical and very precise about the details, so this does bring with it a little tension, but of the kind that gets results. 

Do The Right Thing

Venus is all earnest heart here and asks what do I really want?  Is this worth my time?  Is it for me?  Perhaps you need to know.  Mars delivers the absolute conviction, the animation and possibly a few sharp and cutting quips.  Sparks might fly and if you are in the path of these two via your planets or angles, you are going to get triggered or at best, inspired.  There is intense pressure to do ‘the right thing’ as this can be a creative situation, not just because of Virgo’s resourceful and practical persuasion, Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces is in opposition and will be adding the most imaginative flair and inventive vibes to this situation. Neptune doesn’t know when to stop of course and our Virgo pair might not know what to believe or how to proceed as the huge potential for disillusion sets in.

As we nit-pick our way with Venus and Mars through Virgo in this first fortnight, the de-stabilising stimulation from a Neptune opposition, makes way for a Pluto power charge from Capricorn at 17 degrees.  Here’s someone who knows what they are talking about and can see through the Neptune artifice and Virgo complications, yet who urges such utter exposure of the inner workings of those involved, their solution may be rejected in favour of the delusion, yet the dark truths inherent in the situation have to be admitted under Pluto’s penetrating gaze. 

A Spoonful Of Sugar For This Medicine

Whist neither Neptune’s deceptive mask nor Pluto’s incisiveness provide an appropriate resolution on their own, the addition of Saturn in Sag at 22 degreed does.  Saturn squares the Virgo duo, adding some educational due diligence and constructive feedback which might seem unhelpful and destructive, taking you two steps backwards, but more than likely with some effort, four steps forward.  Saturn is such ghastly medicine but always with eventual improvement and Saturn now holds the commitment key to where to go and what to do next, due to his trine to the North Node destiny point in Leo.  It is best therefore, to step up to this task as it will work out, perhaps just not in the way you had foreseen.

Nothing Is So Sure As Change

This wrangling is not for nothing, change is afoot, as a new cosmic year unfolds with Jupiter’s annual change of signs, out of harmonious Libra and into dark and mysterious Scorpio on 10th October.  Jupiter’s sojourn here adds a level of introspection your therapist would be proud of, as Jupiter’s expansive light will be shining for a whole year, into all the dark places that we may have been ignoring.  Initially this is unnerving and startling and isn’t helped by the conjunction to Mercury (communication) and the Libra New Moon on 19th October, in exact opposition to the master of change and enlightenment: Uranus.  Uranus’ aspect to the New Moon (both at 26’) is a bolt of uranian insight that highlights our role (since Uranus is in Aries, the self) in creating the relationships that we do, since the New Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships.  Uranus will want to shake things up and loosen our attachment to whatever we could be holding on to, too tightly.  If you love someone or thing, set it free, goes the saying, or at least loosen up the grip on your idea of what it should be, as here is the cosmic inspiration and the justification.

When the Sun joins Jupiter (and Mercury) in early Scorpio on 22nd October we really are about to face some internal intrusion and Uranus has set us free from our own limitations to do so.  The Sun conjunct Jupiter is the most auspicious of aspects, even in Scorpio, where the enhancement of our shadow aspect allows us to delight in what seeds, specifically designed by ourselves for ourselves, have been germinating there. 

Trick Or Treat Lunar Magic

Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, the Moon in its last waxing quarter creates lunar magic by connecting with Neptune and then Chiron in Pisces and thereby trining with the Sun Jupiter Scorpio combo.  What could normally be a witchy ordeal of each aspect on its own in dark places, is now given a superbly serendipitous feel as these cosmic bodies combine to let our inner freaks to be outed.  We can own this, but this isn’t just for Halloween play, this is for keeps, so choose your trick or treat outfit wisely.

VenusAndVesta looks at the planetary movements from the point of view of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty who teaches us how to open our hearts and learn of love in all its aspects and Vesta, the highly respected priestess who guides us on our evolutionary journey.  Her monthly musings are designed to shed light on the month’s key moments, but if you’d like more information or regular planetary aspects her Instagram feed is @VenusAndVesta


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