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The Devil In The Detail

If you like your details and all things where they should be and everything in its place, this September Virgo season isn’t going to disappoint with plenty to organise and collate.  It is a huge bonus thatVirgo’s critical evaluation and precision decision making will be in full flow as love planet Venus gets ready to rock the boat by innocently walking into a complex drama.  Walking away is not the easy option – we have to unravel these details to gain a new and better perspective.  The devil IS in the details, if you can bear to look.

Stepford Wife Style Smile

Right away on 3rdSeptember, lovely Venus enters the shadow of an upcoming retrograde at the same time as a clash with Mars in Capricorn – this means trouble.  For the planet of beauty and love, exalted in her own harmonious sign of Libra, this is like stepping into a room and realising the conversation has just gone dead.  We know something is up and initially we can ignore the fake silence despite being acutely aware of the cracking atmosphere.  Venus here would have us keeping the peace and bravely smiling, glossing over whatever we might have disturbed, Stepford Wife style and likewise Mars will be forging ahead and ignoring, burying even, any emotional disquiet. However, the two connected in this square are at odds, creating an artificial harmony that can’t last more than a week. 

Force For Good And True

Venus is first to break her smile on or around 9thSeptember as she moves out of the light of Libra, into the darker waters of Scorpio, where she has to face the more complex underbelly of financial, familial and political situations, some of this detail, we didn’t want to acknowledge.  However, it is a game changer where a thrown piece of crockery wouldn’t be out of place to mark this sudden mood change and to break any smugness.   Venus’ (and our) new boldness is helped by Saturn providing the feminine aspect or, the inherent and real values in whatever issue might be playing out, with much needed certainty and confidence.  Having turned direct on 6thSeptember, Saturn (in Capricorn) is now able to step up to full karmic authority and together they make a formidable force for what is good and what is true.  The power is on your side, now is the time to take action and make any outstanding decisions.

A Clever New Moon To Plant Seeds

With our new assurance, the Virgo New Moon, also on 9thSept places the first foundation block on the road to, not just recovery, but fertile and fruitful grounds.  Indeed, this New Moon is enlivened by the mental dexterity of Mercury, doubling the analytical and problem solving abilities which are enhanced at this time.  Acute certainty could not be better after the months of waiting we have just been through, however, whilst we now have proper progress in sight, Neptune’s fog will be trying to obscure our new found facts with some fake news causing a little disruption and delay.  Surely we know what is real or fake by now?  Virgo certainly does and in the following week any due diligence and persistence will pay off with big rewards.  There will be a harvest after all!

Press Green For Go

So our hard work is going to start to pay off and we have to trust this.  The earth signs are busy building our future and by 19thSeptember there will be significant confirmation or insight to upscale this process.  This could be the green light and rubber stamp required as the Sun and Mercury meet in a brilliant cazimi formation that delivers strategic information to the right people.  Take note of any news or intel you receive on that day because the Full Moon in Aries in the early hours of 24th (UTC) hands YOU the responsibility.  Up until now it has been team work and negotiation, so this might come as a complete surprise – you are now the boss and the enormity of being master of your own destiny can be lonesome and weigh heavy. 

Pick A Winning Side

Of course you were the boss all along, but knowingyou have the power is key and lucky that the Sun, Mercury and Ceres are now in early Libra to help you pick a trustworthy team.  Yes, this needs to be done and in the weeks that follow, it may happen naturally, but if you know who you want on your side, draw them in diplomatically as soon as you can – as well as phasing out those you don’t.  Chiron reverts back into Pisces on 26thwhere he left us, quite frankly, moping in mid-April…but this time we know better and things that were painful before STILL hurt, but not the vulnerable victim mode from before.  Now we have new found self-mastery and a newly picked team and there is proper work to be done and you know who is your boss!

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