September Stars By Venus And Vesta

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Earth signs don’t change their mind much, neither do they move quickly from one situation to another; like their fairly solid element, it takes planning and effort to shift things along.  However, this September, planets in the three earth signs join up to form a ground-breaking, earth moving, Grand Earth Trine, which will bring about long awaited critical changes to properly alter long held structures and concepts.  Moving house, changing schools, leaving a lover or a geo-political organisation, the planets have the force to move mountains this September.

Back To School

The month begins with all the personal planets in Virgo.  That’s Mercury (communication), Venus (love) and Mars (drive), plus the Sun and Moon, all expressing their most efficient and practical selves.  But Virgo isn’t just the sign of the fastidious critique, she is the fertile Goddess, working to create plans that will flourish and provide real benefits.  This earth sign doesn’t provide her service for nowt, she has purpose and goals, and there is no wastage when Virgo is in town and as all these planets travel through, we will find that ‘back to school’ really does mean a continual flow of efficient, productive activity that gets results.

Secrets And Lies

We can all tap into this organised schedule, but not everything will go to plan as from Wednesday 4thSeptember Venus, planet of love and values, opposes Neptune in Pisces and thereby opens up the possibility for this super efficiency to go awry.  Venus in Virgo is being selective or even picky with what she focuses on, whilst Neptune in Pisces is ultra elusive and this is not a good mix when the aforementioned Grand Earth Trine is making major moves with the previously unmoveable. The earth, the building, our bodies, ARE moving, or at least going through a momentous change.  The ground IS shifting and we just have to work through any secrets and lies and stick to the schedule. 

Alternative Facts

Venus’s discernment starts to gain more credibility as the planet of our values and what we hold dear, starts to work with Pluto, the power player from the 8thSeptember.  We might start to feel the righteousness of our own conviction during these changing times, yet Mercury and then the Sun oppose Neptune too, and a war of words is likely.  Nobody likes to feel they have been lied to, or that their words have been taken out of context, but questions about ‘alternative facts’ and the multiple truths from various points of view or moments in time, may make us re-consider where we are actually moving to and why?

Illusion and Delusion Your Own Way

Mars is decisive when he ends his connection with Uranus, the change-maker planet on  13thand at this point, there will be some kind of ending or decision to dramatically change tactics.  Things were going so well but cracks were beginning to show and the Pisces Full Moon the next day will highlight all the illusion we are playing along with, or the delusion we might be telling ourselves in order to get things going in our preferred way.  Having it all your own way isn’t going to be easy but a Pisces Full Moon can also be incredibly creative, so this is a time to get playful with any new situation the Virgo planets have developed.  Let your fears go, let go of the anxiety and the bothered-ness and see what transpires when you have the freedom to ‘not care’.

Wipe Away Your Tears…

There are a few days of free-fall after this watery Pisces lunation where the tears may flow as ‘letting things go’, may have resulted in an actual loss or completion.  However, Saturn, acting fatherly, stations direct on 18thand is the box of hankies and supportive hand we need to open our eyes to what’s real and get going in the right direction again.  Saturn is our karmic duty and has been retrograding since the 1stMay, from the spot where Pluto is now, so we are already in the process of building a secure future for ourselves as the current situation dissolves.  These planetary giants have been ships passing in the night, in mid-Capricorn for most of the year, but now Saturn is closing in on Pluto, who wants to dramatically transform and push our evolution to places we don’t dare look.  They are getting ready for their big clash in January at this very same spot which will be the fulcrum of change from the old guard to the new.  This September, Saturn is working with Uranus the planet of change and electrifying ideas, to give us the flashes of insight and inspiration to build this brand new era; a new Europe, a new presidency, and also potentially, something very different in our own lives.  The old world is deconstructing and a new one developing in its place, and with the planets in Virgo, it is our responsibility to see what we can do, to make it work for us and our tribes in 2020.

The Future Is Female

The North Node is the destiny point, providing the insight into what our future looks like and when the Moon highlights this position in Cancer on 23rd, we are reminded that it is our families, our tribes, our home life that deserve our attention.  The future we are creating works around the themes of Cancer which are emotional, caring, family and female led – didn’t the Dalai Lama tell us this?  This sounds beautifully idyllic but the North Node’s position opposes the authoritative command of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and is now squared by Venus and Mercury in Libra.  The patriarchy are not going to hand power over with a polite tea ceremony, but this T-square opens up the discussions.  The chart of the UK has its Sun and Moon on this axis and its ascendant on the ‘T’ part of these aspects, so this is the break for freedom and another step in the shift of power from Europe and demonstrates the grand scale of September’s planetary aspects in processing big change.

Peace At Any Cost

The Libra New Moon on 28this a peace-maker, even if it is a bandage over passionate opposing views.  This Moon makes moves that no one wants to declare due to several hard aspects, particularly with Chiron.  These are forced smiles over sore wounds but a weak form of agreement that allows progress to take place.  The idea of giving up one’s own position or ignoring the inherent pain in losing out, in favour of satisfying the majority, plays out here for the end of the month. And so it is with any democracy, whether personal or national, to allow the swell to progress whilst we use Libra’s pleasant mask to keep a calm exterior and hope for a better future.

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