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Mars Retrograde is the big news dominating September Stars, as the Warrior God changes into reverse gear to join a rare line up of six planets in retrograde.  We might have to hold our breath as the world stands still for a few days, but there is plenty of action we can take, even if Mars has turned the power off…

Crack Open The Emotional Vaults

A Pisces Full Moon is the dramatic love song that makes you cry for your long lost, two-timing, cheating lover, even when you haven’t thought of them for two years.  It’s the wave of emotions, unexpected or overdue, that can’t quite be contained; the purge, that is hopefully going to make you feel better for letting it all out.  You might think you can avoid the emotional wave coming on 2nd September, but this Pisces Full Moon makes an exact connection to Uranus the crazy surprise planet in Taurus, and this acts like a cracking thunder bolt to break in to any hidden vaults of secret feelings we may have stashed away from way back.  Seriously, lock up your daughters/sons, the electrical Uranian influence here is super powerful, mixing up feelings, sentiments and even romance to whisk your dreams away with a flash of a winning and wicked smile.

Romance Is Here To Stay

Whilst any Uranian storm can burn out very quickly, Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into big hearted Leo on 5th, and communication planet, Mercury, moves into loving Libra at the same time.  Two personal planets stepping into more romantically minded signs together, lifts the mood significantly and perhaps we will have a chance to smooch or celebrate.  At least this new emotional landscape has a chance of hanging around and helping us to feel much better.  Yes, this is a booster for new relationships or encouragement for stepping up an old one, but on a global scale, this looks like the good news we have been waiting for.

Less Power For Our Goals As Mars Retrogrades

We need this more pleasant outlook from Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo, since dynamo Mars, who represents our energy, clarity and goals, goes retrograde on 10th September.  Mars in Retrograde in his own sign of Aries, the hot-headed ram, is the powering down of the male aspect (in both men and women) and instead of being outwardly directed to goals and achievements, we are forced to look inwards and deliberate over issues and tasks.  Mars Retrograde does sound like something to fear, and it will be frustrating, not being able to move forward with the certainty we are used to.  However, Mars is just doing his regular refinement and alignment of targets, in order that some of our projects, roles and people drop away.  We simply won’t have the energy or headspace to keep them all going.  With this natural ‘shedding’, it seems fitting that come 16thNovember, when Mars goes direct again, we will have a new ‘leader of the free world’ and whoever wins, a new directive and greater inspiration.

The Stale Mate Of Six Planets In Retrograde

For a moment, it may feel like the earth has stood still.  Mars will join the five big outer planets in retrograde motion to create a rare occurrence of six planets all in reverse gear - the third time in at least 20 years this has happened.  The most recent was June 2020 when we were all in lock down and definitely the world was in standstill.  And before that in August 2018 when there was an elongated stale-mate in the British government over the Brexit deal.  So you see the lack of flow in these times is palpable.  Luckily, Jupiter, planet of positivity and expansion will come to the rescue and break the backwards trend a few days later on 12th September. Jupiter’s upbeat nature is not happy in dour Capricorn, and his role of expanding everything, is ready to blow open yet more unsavoury tactics hidden in the political or global set up that Capricorn represents.  Whilst Jupiter’s change of direction will be shining the light on Capricorn’s dominating, age old structures, Mars is ready to go inwards and dig deep.  The challenging squares Mars made to all the planets in Capricorn when Mars was going forward in August, will be repeated on his way back in retrograde, and this time Mars will be in deadly cut-throat mode.

Virgo Loves A To Do List

The Virgo New Moon on 17th September is aligned with the deconstruction going on in Capricorn, our political world and should be lending helpful and insightful support to how we might move forward – these are practical earth signs.  This Virgo Full Moon is the time to write lists of what you don’t need, (because of Mars Retrograde), whilst also manifesting what you want with goal lists and vision boards – Virgo loves a list and the moon’s exact trine to Saturn will bring useful and constructive energy to your plans (keep planning during Mars Retrograde – even if you can’t take action).

Mars Opens Up The Abyss

Libra season starts on 23rd September with the un-aspected Sun moving into this peace-loving sign.  The harmonious energy this brings might not be able to break the tension that Mercury and Mars in opposition are creating in an exact T-square with mighty Saturn.  Father Time, aka Saturn in Capricorn holds the top of this ‘T’, ready to have layers of heavy old-school tradition prized open by Mercury and Mars.  Mars, as we have said, is going down into the abyss by his retrograde motion, and he is joined by Lilith, his powerhouse sister on one end of this aspect.  Try and sweet talk as Mercury in Libra might, Mars and Lilith together are not that gullible and Mars’s knife will have a slow and deadly motion, cutting away the dead rot.  Whilst this might be a painful operation for anyone involved, there is a deep remodelling going on of male based power structures, as well as a re-evaluation of the ego involved in creating them, and this is a necessary upgrade mankind must undergo.

Saturn Is The Best Builder

Thankfully lovely Venus in Leo brings strength and warmth to the proceedings towards the end of September, by urging Mars into a kinder more graceful action, perhaps we will see how much we need this refinement, yet it is Saturn turning direct on 29th, that brings hope and certainty.  We can rely on Saturn, even though he seems harsh at times, he is actually re-building a far better future and we will look back at this, at some point, and see the bigger picture being played out, one starred for our success.

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