The Courage Of Kings - August Stars by Venus And Vesta

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You would think the Sun in Leo in August would lighten the mood and bring in some well deserved leisure in the lion’s relaxed way, but no.  Leo the King, is asking us to stand up, take responsibility and be courageous, whilst the other planets pull things apart.

Speak Your Truth

August starts with Mercury, the planet of communication and thought processes, making a real point about our emotions as Mercury sails through Cancer, the sign representing our feelings.  Mercury wants us to talk about them, inspect them, but also to be open to new ways of seeing things.  Mercury will be opposing the group of planets in Capricorn; Pallas Athena, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, who are involved in a deathly struggle as they reveal hidden aspects of our lives which are currently coming undone.  Mercury stands as a reminder to check in with your intuition, whilst the Sun in Leo, says be brave and own your own sense of what is presented to you.

Deep Thinking Aquarian Full Moon

The deep thinking, Aquarian Full Moon on 3rd August compounds Mercury’s ideas by bringing in new concepts for humanity to digest.  We don’t yet understand what is about to occur at this point, as Uranus, the planet of surprise and change, makes a T-square to this Full Moon aspect which delivers a bolt of lightning to wake us all up to a whole other dimension.  This change in thinking is much needed at this time and acts as an indicator for what is to come next year when Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, the future focused sign of the thinker.  When this happens, just before Christmas, it heralds a major change in humanity’s conceptual mind, where we shed traditions for old and begin to work in a completely new paradigm.  The future starts here at the Aquarian New Moon in August.

Mighty Mars And The Moon

When the Moon reaches Mars, the warrior in his home sign of Aries on 9th August, there could be explosions, as the war God will be connecting with the original feminist, Lilith for a like-minded lovers’ tryst.  Together these two can move mountains or start wars… and as the full powered Leo Sun is in a passionate connection to these feisty cosmic bodies, we know that major fires could break out as Mars and Lilith develop enough passion to kick off a riot or two.  The Sun stays connected with Mars and Lilith right up to the Leo New Moon on 18th/19th and if it feels like all hell has broken loose, it probably has.

Interstellar News Flash

Uranus, the planet that connects mankind to interstellar cosmic forces, is in Taurus, the sign of earth, our physical bodies and the animal kingdom.  Uranus here, has been opening up a new era of future technology with 20,000 plus satellites shot into the low earth orbit for 5G connection down on the ground.  Now on 15th, Uranus goes into retrograde.  Uranus is so full of crazy surprises, it’s the same kind of havoc going backwards or forwards.  However, WHEN Uranus changes direction, a portal opens up to new cosmic phenomenon and advanced thinking to be drawn into our physicality (Taurus).  This could change anything from a delay to 5G (which has already occurred in the UK), to new information about intensive farming (already KFC has released animal welfare stats for the first time), OR indeed a left turn in the fight for a cure for the corona virus.

The Moon Of The King

From this point, the big five planets are in reverse gear and we will be going deeper into unthinkable revelations and debates, and this forces the Leo New Moon on 18th August to make a soldier of us all.  We are all called to step up and claim our sovereignty in this fight of the dying global big guns, represented by the stellium of planets in Capricorn.  The Leo New Moon is ‘inconjunct’ to this stellium (row of planets) which means it operates completely independently and right now this is a good thing.  A Leo New Moon opens up the heart to more passion and love, and this lion has powerful Mars in Aries connecting to it, ensuring that we all feel a huge surge of these fire sign ego forces.  What’s more, Mercury is conjunct this lunar aspect and acts as the alarm bell to an already personally inspiring time.  It is the wake-up call we need, and for anyone thinking they can just follow the next person and not get emotionally involved, the planets have other plans.

David And Goliath

Loving Venus in deeply caring Cancer, starts to oppose the big retrograde planets in Capricorn AND trine Neptune Retrograde from 25th August.  It’s like the deep feminine and emotional aspect in all of us, is standing up to a David and Goliath set piece.  Venus in aspect to these big planets says, beauty, love, home and family first, no matter the cost and these thoughts of what is emotionally important, against the trials of big business and big politics with the planets in Capricorn, go on well into September.  It feels like the political carnage is going to win when the moon enters Capricorn on 29th, but as if by magic, Mercury now in perfectionist Virgo, opposes Neptune, the planet of our illusion, creating a conversation that makes sense out of the chaos and brings order to all our new found feelings.

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