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January, sick and tired you been hanging on me…each month we bring you the lo-down on the movements in the sky for some planetary guidance and a cosmic heads up. What is good to know is THIS JANUARY IS MADE FOR DETOX!!

It probably doesn’t feel right to start a new year with a Mercury retrograde, but I want to stop all this bad chat about Mercury retrogrades, it’s slightly getting out of hand. A while ago, nobody knew about the fleet footed messenger God going retro, but now he gets blamed for everything. Yes, Mercury retrograde can cause all type of travel and computer mash ups but it is better to assume the planets are on our side and need us to slow down once in a while, think things through and maybe - boring though it may be - do things again or take another route. All the planets except for the Sun and Moon go retrograde once in a while and they are asking us to look a little deeper into that aspect (highlighted by the planet and its position) of our lives.

Now Mercury has retrograded back into Sag at 28’ ready to go direct and the turning point is always the place and time that creates the communication break down and computer glitches. Just hours before Mercury goes direct on 8th January UTC , the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 17’ Cap. Now this is something to take notice of, since the combination of these two aspects occurring together creates a more noticeable switch and potentially some kind of transmission, altercation or portal opening. With Pluto in the mix here, there is no doubt this is serious business and anyone with planets or angles connecting to these two degrees (17’ and 28) will have the curve ball thrown across their paths. I would expect some kind of information, idea or legal point is going to change the playing field and be the impetus for a new direction.

Right at this point we have a special and rare astrological event where all the major planets, not just Mercury, will be going direct at once, creating an energizing and harmonious flow to most aspects of life and where humanity’s development and consciousness is speeded up. Good news all round and very helpful for these new directions or projects we find ourselves in.

Whilst this is hugely auspicious, the Full Moon a few days later on 12th brings an emotional overwhelm, not just because it is in Moon ruled Cancer, but the 22’ Cancer point forms key aspects to a few other major configurations. Firstly its difficult square to planet of surprises, Uranus can only mean change is a definite; its trine to Chiron totally feels like change is weirdly the right thing to do, yet its inconjunct to asteroid Juno, the marriage broker and Saturn, the karmic challenger is going to leave some kind of relationship contract out in the cold. Wherever we are heading, you can’t bring dodgy vibes and if there are any marriage deals on the table (between companies or people), this Full Moon is going to help highlight what needs to happen to make the blend harmonious and workable. Venus is also in this mix, having sidled up to ‘no rules’ Neptune, so all bets are now off as these two together are an open door for love or money to walk in, or… out the door. This could be an investment cliff hanger, but with the All Planets in Direct Motion (APDM), I’m assuming and hoping it’s in IN!

Whichever way that money or heart went, there is a sequel to this as Venus is about to go on a retrospective healing journey in March and April, the themes of which start on 24th when she meets up with Chiron at 21’ and 22’ Pisces, whilst being watched by karmic and ultra restrictive Saturn who gives out the life lessons. Venus in Pisces is at her most open hearted and vulnerable and connecting with the wounded healer Chiron can bring about all kinds of heart mending or even repeats of past hurts, be that romantic or commerce. Pisceans themselves will appreciate memories being opened up for sentimental gazing but soon realise these feelings or issues could start to grow, other signs especially Gemini might not be so gleeful and see this as some kind of Pandora’s box. Straight after this connection, Venus enters the shadow zone of her upcoming retrograde period, so what matters is this week’s feelings, since the connection with Chiron will highlight what needs taking out of our emotional trunk and revisited, for a dust down and a spring clean. Don’t be surprised if Venus opens the door to an old love or an old business contract (since Venus rules finance too) and if you have planets or angles that connect to 21’ and 22’ Pisces right through to the end of Pisces into the first decan (third) of Aries, get ready for some heart felt opportunities now.

Pluto steps into play at the month end’s New Moon (28th Jan) as Mercury meets up with the Dark Lord himself and all kinds of secrets and manipulations are revealed as the Moon disappears and the skies darken momentarily. Mercury nearly connected to Pluto before this retrograde and arriving here now, brings revelations which seem like they have been building since early December. This New Moon at 8’ Aquarius intensifies the mental dexterity required to accommodate the ideals that come up – this is going to seem a bit crazy, but it’s time for the water bearers to write their intention lists for their new year. Hell yeah, with APDM, we should all write our list. The list making won’t be a hard job for any of the air signs, but for the rest of us, fresh impetus might be required and Mars’ move into Aries on 28th at the same time as the New Moon is just the head start we need to get moving fast, and in the right direction.

The whole of January screams new new new, with opportunities for firstly clearing what is no longer useful, but also focusing on our deeper desires and intent to draw in the most beneficial and advantageous personal and global positive fortunes we can imagine and more.

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