Biotin Booster 10,000mcg
Biotin Booster 10,000mcg
Biotin Booster 10,000mcg

Biotin Booster 10,000mcg

SUPER STRENGTH FORMULA of 10,000mcg Biotin for Healthier, Thicker, Stronger Hair, Skin & Nails.

One easy to swallow tablet per day in a THREE MONTH/90 day supply.

✓ Super Strength Formula
✓ Encourages Hair Regrowth
✓ Helps Prevent Shedding
✓ Increases Hair Thickness
✓ Supports Keratin Infrastructure
✓ Promotes Hair & Nail Growth

Biotin is widely known as the key vitamin that supports hair and nail growth and has a direct link to the thickness and strength of hair

HEALTH BENEFITS of BIOTIN as approved by the FDA | Contributes to the Maintenance of Normal Hair and Skin, Normal Energy-Yielding Metabolism and Macronutrient Metabolism and Normal Functioning of the Nervous System

NON GMO, VEGAN FRIENDLY & USA MADE | Our Biotin 10,000mcg tablets also contain No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives or Sweeteners. Made right here in the USA giving you total assurance that the supplements are produced to the highest possible hygiene and manufacturing standards.

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