by Ann-Louise Holland

I learnt the hard way, when my hair started to get thin and greasy and fall out noticeably, that so many factors affect the quality of your hair and one 'thing' isn't necessarily going to cure it over night.  I tried a variety of different tactics to get my hair back to its healthy hair growth which I had taken for granted until that point.  So if your hair is lacklustre or you just want more, these are my five non-negotiable actions to get 'Good Hair':

1. Nutrition & Digestion

Boosting your nutritional intake to the max will work but when hair gets lacklustre, it is often the absorption of nutrition in the diet that isn't working so well.  You can take extra nutrients in supplement form, but working on assimilating them and getting gut health to its optimum is a priority.  You can do this by clearing up food allergies or digestive issues, taking probiotics or giving up dairy or halving the quantity of alcohol.  Aim for optimum stomach pH balance by eating or drinking your greens, taking apple cider vinegar and upping your water intake.

2. Increase Blood Flow To Scalp

Blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle, so anything you can do to enhance blood flow to the scalp is going to reap benefits.  You can be straight-forward about it and massage your scalp with your fingertips as much as possible and regularly scrunch your fingers through your hair as harshly as you can bear, or even buy a derma roller for the scalp which hurts like hell but is super invigorating for hair.  Brushing your hair the wrong way each time you style it is very stimulating and helps create volume immediately too.

3. TLC For Your Scalp

Think of your hair as a plant which grows in the soil of your scalp and think how you should keep the soil nourished and hydrated and that's what you have to do.  Hair conditioners for the ends of the hair proliferate but treatments which are applied directly to the scalp where they can revitalise the skin and follicles are becoming more common and are easy to use, or you could even make your own. See it as using fertiliser on your roots and watch your hair quality improve tenfold.

 4. Silicone Free

Stop using products with silicones, if your hair is fine or gets greasy easily (ok if you have thick curls that can hold the weight).  Most of the most popular shampoo and conditioners are packed with silicones, seen on the ingredient list as Dimethicone or Cyclomethicone which are designed to coat the hair and make it feel silky smooth and manageable, but in reality will drag fine hair down making it harder to grow healthily.  

5. Be Happy and Grateful

Pro-actively seek your own happiness and emotional wellbeing; create your own healing journey with whatever tools appeal to you: HIIT fitness, meditation, Taoist breathing, acupuncture, yoga, an gratitude attitude, whatever it is that makes you feel good inside and increases your emotional vitality, and do these things regularly.  Stressful situations increase hormones like cortisol which are so damaging to the proper functioning of every organ which in turn have a knock-on effect on the health of your hair.