What does Good Hair Nutrient Complex do?

GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX contains a variety of herbs, minerals and vitamins at optimum levels to work as effectively as possible in THREE main ways:

Firstly, it adds vital vitamins and nutrients to your diet that your body uses to grow stronger, longer hair. Secondly it contains several ingredients that are renowned for helping to block or ‘deactivate’ DHT, a testosterone derivative which shrinks hair follicles. Thirdly, natural ‘anti-androgens’ in Good Hair are included to help keep the hair in anagen or growing phase for much longer. If the hair stays in anagen phase, there is less shedding.

Our unique formula has produced fantastic hair growth results both for us and many hundreds of our clients.

How do I use Good Hair Nutrient Complex?

GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX is a standard size capsule that you take orally. Simply take two capsules per day. We recommend taking the capsules with food and drinking plenty of water when taking them. You can take them together and with other nutrients. They contain slow release B and C vitamins so will be gentle on the digestive system.

What happens if I stop taking Good Hair Nutrient Complex?

There are no side effects if you stop taking GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX, although the desired results will also stop.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is also called Vitamin B7 and is part of the B complex which support healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions. It is sometimes nicknamed Vitamin H, for ‘Hair’, due to its strong association with healthy hair growth and is often used in shampoo ranges as ‘pro-vitamin B…’. Biotin's role is to help improve the keratin infrastructure of hair as it aids the body in metabolizing fats and proteins that make up the hair.

Who can use Good Hair Nutrient Complex and the Biotin Booster?

Here at Kansha Alchemy we want everyone to have gorgeous hair and our product is suitable for ALL hair types, women and men. We think that you should be 18 before taking supplements.  The Biotin Booster is only available in the USA right now.

How fast will my hair grow using Good Hair Nutrient Complex?

Results vary in each individual because absorption rates are different for each person and hair thinning or hair loss is different for everyone and will depend on a number of factors. You can massage your scalp and regularly thoroughly brush your hair to increase blood flow and stimulate the hair follicles. This will help your hair take up the nutrients as well as strengthen the hair follicles’ attachment at the scalp. Don't forget to share you hair growth journey photos with us on our Instagram feed – we would love to see how you are getting on.

How long should I take it for?

Everybody's hair growth journey is different and it completely depends on the style you want. However taking GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX with or without the BIOTIN BOOSTER for a minimum of two months will give you a great start.

If you have general thinning or just lackluster hair and you notice an improvement, keep taking the Biotin and stop the Good Hair Nutrient Complex as an example of ‘maintenance’. However, if you have androgenic alopecia where there is male pattern baldness, keep on the GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX and stop the Biotin Booster.

We would also advise you looking at the reasons why your hair was lack luster or thinning in the first place, so do check out our e-book with many helpful tips and information.

Do the vitamins produce any negative side effects?

Good Hair Nutrient Complex is 100% natural and drug free, therefore no known side effects come from taking it, if you feel that something in the ingredients may not agree with you please consult your physician.

Biotin is not known to be toxic and as it is water soluble, excess Biotin in the system will be excreted by the kidneys through urine.

Does Good Hair Nutrient Complex cure baldness?

No, it does not. Good Hair Nutrient Complex and Biotin Booster are designed to help support the growth of hair on your scalp. If you have lost a substantial amount of hair, consult your physician as this loss could be the result of a medical condition.

Can I take Good Hair Nutrient Complex if I have any diagnosed medical conditions?

You should always consult with your physician before starting any supplement regime, discuss the changes of your daily diet with your doctor to ensure they are safe alongside any (prescribed) medication that you may be taking.

Can I take Good Hair Nutrient Complex if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No it is not recommended to take any supplements when you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless they are prescribed by your doctor.

Will Good Hair Nutrient Complex and/or Biotin Booster affect hair growth in other parts of my body apart from my head?

No, GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX and Biotin Booster are designed to support the growth of hair on your scalp. Their job is to promote thicker, stronger, longer and healthier hair on the head that does not break or shed, it won't grow hair in areas that are otherwise hairless.

Is Good Hair Nutrient Complex and Biotin Booster cruelty free?

Yes! Carol and I love our animals just as much as you guys, we would never do anything to harm them.

Are Good Hair Nutrient Complex and Biotin Booster gluten free? Are they suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

GOOD HAIR NUTRIENT COMPLEX is gluten free.  The ingredients vary slightly between the USA and UK although we are working on getting the ingredients to be exactly the same.  Right now the USA product is vegan but not soy free (there is the tiniest amount).  The UK Good Hair product is soy free but has collagen from bovine source which will be taken out in future production runs in order to align with the USA.

Can I take the supplements on an empty stomach?

Yes they are perfectly safe to take on an empty stomach however, if you have a sensitive gut please take with some food or at mealtimes. It is better to take supplements with food for better digestion and less chance of them ‘repeating’ on you.

How can I stop them repeating on me?

All nutritional supplements must taste vile if you chewed them (apart from the products that are marketed as chewable vitamins and chock full of sugar or artificial sweetener)! So if you swallow them whole on an empty stomach, they can sometimes be tasted in the mouth quite easily, especially if they are strong. By taking with food or drinks, you can lessen the chance of tasting them at all.

What happens if I don’t feel good after taking them?

This might mean your stomach is too sensitive to take these supplements without a proper meal to help digestion. Whatever the reason, you should not worry as they are natural and do not contain any toxins, so if you feel unwell, please drink some water and it should pass. If you continue to feel unwell, please consult your physician.