by Ann-Louise Holland

So you are eating a healthy diet and taking vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation yet nothing seems to change. Way back, this was happening to me and a typical reason for this would be the body is just not processing and assimilating the nutrients in your diet and you are just peeing them out the other end. That’s expensive pee! There will be specifc reasons for this and probably systemic disease involving the entire body.

Starting with gut health is a good place to begin looking for hair health clues since this is often the ‘soil’ in which all the other functions grow. If you are already sensitive to any food groups, you will be familiar with looking after your digestion and diet requirements. Many of the food or digestive problems set up a ‘leaky gut’ situation whereby your digestion leaks away so much of the goodness you consume - and some of the badness, it is not necessarily selective. This will be ‘leaking’undigested matter back into your blood stream which in turn, can’t cope with these unfamiliar or larger molecular substances. This kicks in an autoimmune situation which means, not only are you not getting the nutrients from your diet, you are also creating allergies and intolerances.

A dietary allergy, leaky gut or any irregular digestion can go undetected for a lifetime and explained away as some kind of foible, but will be the reason for the all the niggles and pains that so many put down to ageing or ‘just them’ and will sure enough surface as chronic illness later in life.


Your gut is the main source of food for your hair (obviously) and likewise, the major origin of lack of nutrients for your hair, so if you have ANY digestive issues no matter how small: constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, atulence, bloating, stomach pains or cramps, acid stomach/re ux, parasites, food sensitivities and even genital urinary upsets (like cystitis or thrush), do go and get information and help to ease these issues because they WILL be one of the causes of your hair problems and even if it isn’t, or you already have some of this stu sussed, you will be doing your self a favour on a number of levels. There are so many incredible dieticians, nutritionists, hydrocolonic therapists that can help with gut issues.

My favourite in the US is Dr Jess, even her Instagram feed is information and inspiration
enough @doctor_Jess_MD and her website:

And in the UK, Linda Booth, Just For Tummies

Linda also has a closed Facebook group where you can discuss these things freely