by Ann-Louise Holland

How does eating a green diet and joining the whole swathe of green bores (myself included) equal amazing hair?  Is this just a made up benefit designed to appeal to our vanity?  I got to the bottom of this issue to ensure my green efforts were not in vain and I could concentrate on doing things that actually worked for the health of my hair.

Nobel Prize Science

The saying goes that no disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment, which is widely attributed to Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner in the 1930's who clearly knew his stuff.  It has taken nearly 100 years for this hypothesis to become a major movement to eat green.  Why so long?

A green diet aims to intensely immerse the body with alkaline ingredients to create a slightly alkaline pH balance which sounds great, but the truth is slightly more complicated and probably the reason why scientists are dismissing these efforts as bunkum and why the green craze didn't start when Dr Warburg first made his hypothesis.

Energy Saving Digestion

The real issue with trying to alkalise the system is the fact that the body has a variety of pH levels throughout which it monitors closely in order to keep relatively stable - you simply cannot change these.  The more realistic view is that by eating a green diet we are majorly supporting the digestive tract whereby the small intestine, the pancreas, gall bladder, spleen and the liver especially, do not have to work so hard to assimilate food.  'Alkalinity' at this stage encourages a souped up absorption of nutrients and with this swifter process, there is less toxic fall out to deal with. Any substances that take longer to digest are slowing the metabolism down and with that, not only are less nutrients consumed, but harmful, pathogenic bacteria then feed off this slow transit material or 'waste'.  This is important for our hair concerned purposes, as this 'bad' bacteria allows the growth of a derivative of testosterone, DHT, the very thing that stops the hair follicles in their tracks. 

The energy the body needs for extra effort digestion is huge and a major benefit of a green diet is the amount of vitality it creates, not just from the now 'spare' digestive energy but from the concentrated dose of nutrients it gives the body AND THE HAIR.  The truth of it is, your hair, especially if it's not doing so great, won't normally get this goodness.  Seriously.

Here are the nine ways whizzing up a green blend works super hard to deliver extra goodness:

1. delivers a bullet of nutrition you would not normally get

2. improved bio-availability, increasing absorption of nutrients 

3. less effort for the organs to metabolise, leaving you more energy

4. no 'waste' or undigested matter reaching latter stages of digestion

5. packed with digestive enzymes and pre-biotics, encourages healthy bacteria and reduces 'bad' bacteria for

6. helps cells carry more oxygen

7. delivers phytonutrients and chlorophyll which is basically liquid sunshine

8. perfect for hydrating cells as you 'eat' your water

9. at least two of your 5-a-day vegetable intake in one drop

Vote For Greens

For the extra energy and better hair alone, a green or 'alkaline' diet gets my vote, but increased circulation and better heart health, reduced inflammation, weight loss and a huge boost to natural immunity is a benefit not to be ignored.