by Ann-Louise Holland

Nutritional scientists will tell you, that one of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming that we literally are, ‘what we eat’, believing this well-meaning motto, means that everything we eat is exactly what gets assimilated by the body.  Yes, the saying is true, we are what we eat, but that’s not really how digestion and biochemistry work and there are a lot of hurdles for the nutrition in our food to get through.

This discrepancy over what goes in (nom nom nom) and what happens inside is mysteriously complex, especially when it comes to anti-ageing products; the ones we put on our face as well as the supplements we consume hoping they make us more beautiful.

With this in mind, I managed to speak with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Beauty Director, Inge VanLotringen about some of the hidden truths in the beauty world so we can be a bit wiser about what we try out in the name of looking good.  She used my advice in her in-depth feature ‘WhatSupp?’ which aimed to give extra insight into the world of beauty nutrition.

Collagen is a good example as a wonder ingredient that makes our skin plump and smooth by holding the structure of our skin cells together for firmer, more elastic and energised looking skin.  However, Inge and I both agreed, eating collagen straight or applying it straight on your face isn’t going to dissolve away wrinkles. Collagen would need an ‘active’ such as an enzyme or vitamin to make it absorb into the skin and another to make it stay there and do its job, and this is why there are hardly any skin care products that make this claim. 

Eating or drinking collagen is the best way to achieve any effect on the condition of your skin, since there are enough enzymes in the digestive process to break down and absorb the collagen - but how do we make sure our collagen supplement benefits the skin and not just our achy joints or sluggish digestion (which are the other benefits to watch out for). 

  1. Collagen types I & III are both a form of bone and skin building protein, so have the easiest route to assimilate and fortify your own skin.
  2. Look for ‘hydrolysed’ collagen which means the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) have been broken down so they are way more absorbable so they can work their magic in tissue repair and regeneration.
  3. Collagen isn’t great at working alone, it is activated by other ingredients which brilliantly enhance its benefits and some of these also increase the skin’s own natural collagen production. So take your collagen within a super blend, just as my quote in Cosmopolitan says. 

Collagen needs a team of helpers – ‘actives’ that make collagen work much harder for visible skin smoothing results:

VITAMIN C:This hugely popular vitamin has an extremely vital role in enhancing the effects of collagen and repairing the skin for a smoother complexion and inner glow.  Collagen needsVitamin C to work effectively and so does your skin, for the multitude of other roles it has in rejuvenating the skin. Vitamin C can enhance production of both collagen AND Hyaluronic Acid, so this one cannot be missed for skin health and vitality.

HYALURONIC ACID: is used in injectables as a plumping agent as it holds x100 times its weight in water.  This sounds like the best way to plump the skin but because it is a ‘long-chain molecule’ (ie: big), it won’t be absorbed into the skin and will just sit on the surface (which is why it needs to be injected). More trustworthy skin care brands will use scientific techniques to break the molecule down so it becomes small enough to go deeper into the skin, but still retain its skin cell plumping abilities. This isn’t a concern with supplements as the digestive system processes the Hyaluronic Acid and here it will also help increase the body’s own natural collagen production, so there is more collagen to ‘plump the skin from within’, as well as enhance its moisture retaining power and that is a big bonus for any beauty supplement.

SILICA:You often see this ingredient on its own, as it is a key driver in supporting the skin structure and growing strong and flexible nails.  Silica is an essential beauty mineral required for the production of collagen, so the two go hand in hand for better skin firming and anti-wrinkle benefits.

CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS:These unassuming ingredients maximise absorption of collagen as well as working as powerful anti-oxidants for anti-age protection. They are a good reason to squeeze lemon on your food for the increased bio-availability they create as well as the added taste.

COPPER:As a mineral, this red head activates an enzyme that plays a critical role in collagen production. It also works as an antioxidant that helps protect your collagen once it forms.

ALPHA-LIPOIC-ACID: ‘ALA’ packs a powerful anti-oxidant punch but also boosts collagen production and restores the flow of vitamin C throughout cellular walls so your collagen (and Hyaluronic Acid) goes even further.

GOJI BERRIES & GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: Research has shown that these help thwart the activities of enzymes that break down collagen and another skin protein known as elastin, so are vital in any mix of collagen anti-age support products.

COLLAGENneeds all these helpers to do its job of maintaining the structure and vitality of your skin.  On its own, collagen, even in large quantities, isn’t assimilated into the body and won’t get activated, and then it won’t make a noticeable difference.  With collagen, quantity isn’t the answer, working as a team is.

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