One Our Best Reviews Yet

Sent to us via email on September 20, 2018.

My name is [withheld]. I have been using your Good Hair Supplement now for approx. 8 months. I had major surgery, 3 heart surgeries in four months beginning in July 2017, I was then in the hospital for another 4 months to recover.

All of the medications and stress my body went through caused my hair to start falling out (Telogen Effluvium)... I was malnourished due to a regime of antibiotics my stomach good bacteria was washed out along with the bad. I always had really "Good Hair" so this was very tough on me and my self esteem.

Coming home weak, malnourished and with sparse thin hair was like the worst thing that could ever happen... I know that sounds extreme but it def hurt my confidence and made it hard to be optimistic. I tried many oils, supplements, shampoos, conditioners, balms everything that I figured would help get my hair back, I had to start taking spironolactone ...which did help but not for like 5 months.

Your "Good Hair" vitamins have been my staple since I started taking them back in Feb. I have noticed a huge difference in the texture and volume of my hair, my hair used to be fine, thin and lifeless. I would cry when I had to go out because I did not want to be seen looking so sparse. I am grateful for Your Good Hair supplement as it has greatly improved the look, feel, texture and volume of my hair.

Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!! Much LOVE and Light and Many Blessings for sharing this Awesome product with the World!!


Mrs. D. R.