Why We Chose Bovine Collagen?

  • Bovine collagen is more ‘powerful’ in that you do not need to use as much of it (compared to marine collagen) to get the same results. 
  • Bovine collagen has various types that can be used for specific issues ie: for gut health, for muscle and bone support and Types I & III are best for skin, hair and nails. 
  • Concern about industrial scale fishing that drains our seas of natural resources and leaves nothing to regenerate and is a real problem for sustainability. And because it takes huge amounts of fish to get marine collagen at double the cost, and you need more of it, we chose to go with the more active bovine. 
  • There are a multitude of reports citing that there are dangerous levels of mercury in fish and that it intensifies in the fish oil, despite declarations that it has been extracted and we didn’t want to risk this. 
  • So much research points to the fact that the quality of the collagen is more important than the source, hence Super Skin is created with grass fed bovine source and is a by-product of the well-established cattle farming industry, thereby using elements that would otherwise be discarded.